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Construction Technology Of Vinyl Flooring?
- Mar 03, 2017 -

Vinyl anticorrosive floor construction method:
1. ground cleaning: depending on pigment grinding, patching, dust;
2. vinyl Primer: vinyl ester resin in the appropriate proportion of promoters and stabilizer, pigment thin shaving again, enhanced surface adhesion;
3. shop glass fabric: place the glass fabric formation, with the deployment of a good vinyl coated glass cloth glued in the ground, and vinyl coated flat with the knife so that it is evenly coated, depending upon demand of one to three layers;
4. vinyl Primer: the deployment of a good paint for vinyl trowels evenly between one and two;
5. paint for vinyl: the deployment of a good paint for vinyl trowels evenly coated, after the completion of the whole surface clean and bright, color uniformity, no hollow;
6. construction completed: 24 hours before they can master, 72 hour before weight.
7. maintenance.